Terms and conditions

The website www.fashionmix.net (hereinafter referred to as the “online shop”, “FashionMix”, “we” or “us”) and the related services are made accessible to Users and Buyers (hereinafter referred to as “You”) in accordance with the following General Terms and Conditions for Use, as well as all other rules referred to in the online shop accessible by a link from these pages (hereinafter referred to as the GTCU).

Please, read carefully the GTCU before registration or before making orders in the online shop. We recommend you to save a copy of the GTCU for further references.

The FashionMix online shop is owned by Fashionmix BG LTD, registered in Bulgaria, 1680 Sofia, 30-32 Rodopski Izvor Str., VAT BG202642379. If you would like to establish an administrative contact with us, you can do so on address: Bulgaria, 1680 Sofia, 30-32 Rodopski Izvor Str. or e-mail [email protected] or call phone number +359888716116


FahsionMix is an electronic shop accessible on Internet on http://www.fashionmix.net, whereby you are able to enter into a purchase and delivery contract for the goods offered by us. 

The FashionMix online shop offers men’s wear, boots and accessories. The information published on Fashionmix.net is generally accessible and is provided free on Internet.

You can register free in FashionMix without being bound to buy as you must read and accept the GTCU beforehand. 

You make a purchase in FashionMix either as a registered user or as a guest user (without registration), as in both cases you need to read the GTCU and accept them.

You will purchase the products you selected at the end prices announced on the site in accordance with the present GTCU and under the Delivery and Payment conditions.


You voluntarily submit your personal data upon registration in the website.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act you shall have the right to access and change your personal data, as well as to request from us to close your user account. If you want to have your account closed you need to write an application using our feedback form on the Contacts and once we have confirmed the successful receipt thereof we will start the procedure for closing of your account and all personal information submitted by you and history of orders will be deleted within 14 days.

Upon registration or making of a guest order, you automatically subscribe for our electronic newsletter. We shall have the right to send advertising messages under the form of an electronic newsletter to the e-mail provided by you. You shall have the right to voluntarily unsubscribe from the advertising messages by clicking a link located on any of the electronic newsletters received by you (it could the first one as well).

We shall not disclose register users’ personal data to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes, as well as for other reasons, unless requested by services related to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In case of failure to comply with the GTCU of the FashionMix online shop and violation of the ethics and rules, the administrators of FashionMix shall have the right to restrict the violator’s access to the online shop without any warning.

We shall keep cookies and log files for the purpose of customization and improvement of our services and of the user experience.

We use the Google Analytics tool to keep track of the visits and the behaviour of our users.

You can find complete information for our Personal Data Protection Policy.


Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act and the rules governing electronic trade in the Republic of Bulgaria, a consumer shall be entitled to a claim in the following cases: identified shortages/defects of the product, non-compliance with the announced size, non-compliance with the announced trademark. When making a claim, a consumer may claim replacement of the product for a new one or discount from the price.
Within 7 days after the receipt of the product, the customer shall have the right to return it or replace it subject to the following conditions:
Preserved good commercial look (the product must not be torn, scratched, worn, washed, ironed).

  • No damages caused by irregular use.
  • Preserved original package, consumables and accessories, if any.
  • The transportation costs for return of a product shall be on account of the customer. Upon replacement of a product the transportation costs shall be on account of the customer for both directions.

Attention! The following products may not be returned:

  • Men’s underwear
  • Men’s swimming suits

You can read complete information for our goods Return and Replacement Policy.


The Fashionmix.net online shop does not ensure a warranty term for the items on the site, unless it is explicitly mentioned in the description of a specific item. 


Orders shall be accepted in the FashionMix online shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

The working hours of the FashionMix online shop for customer care are: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 17:00 (CET).

We reserve our right to reject orders made by phone. Orders are mainly made online. (this excludes an e-mail order too)


We have the right to amend the GTCU at any time, without a prior notice, as the new conditions shall be published on the present webpage.

The present GTCU apply to the Fashionmix.net online shop and to its visitors. Upon publication of any amendments to the conditions, the customers shall be automatically considered to have been notified of the new conditions and to have accepted them.

Last updated: 05.01.2018