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Buy online men's t-shirts, men's joggers, men's jeans, men's shoes and women's shoes.

Fashionmix is your online clothing and shoes store

Fashionmix is not an online clothing and footwear store to experience inconvenience before asking and fear before you buy.

And why did we decide to be different and accurate?

One of our goals has always been to have our customers receive the same level of service whether they shop with us yesterday or 2 years, whether we have 10 orders or 100, whether we offer male or female items. Because the market and the customers are developing and we have to follow the trends in modern fast fashion, but we must not forget the foundations that kept us on the market in the last 6 years.

Our concept is always to be "accurate" and correct to people, because the customer is the most important for us and must always receive an experience to be satisfied with. We look at the visitors in our online store as long-term friends who want to come back and recommend us by word of mouth.

What is our goal?

  • Look at clothes and shoes and enjoy quality pictures.
  • Asking about clothes and shoes and getting informed, not misguided.
  • Buy clothes and shoes and do not worry about the quality of delivery and replacements.
  • Read about clothes and shoes and get rich with street fashion trends.
  • Share and talk about our clothes and shoes and know that you are doing!

6 years streetwear in top categories

At the Fashionmix online store you will find an unparalleled price-quality combination of clothes and shoes in the following top categories:

Men's Shoes

Men's Sneakers | Trainers | Boots | Espadrilles | Sandals

Women's Shoes

Women's Sneakers | Slippers | Espadrilles | Booties | Boots

Men's Clothes

T-Shirts | Polo Shirts | Shirts | Hoodies | Sweatshirts | Sweaters & Cardigans | Jackets | Tracksuits | Joggers & Drop pants | Jeans | Chino & Cargo Trousers | Denim Shorts | Casual & Chino Shorts | Drop Shorts | Sport Shorts | Swimwear

Clothes and shoes for couples in love

Matching Couple T-Shirts | Matching Couple Hoodies | Accessories

Discounts and promotions at Fashionmix

As for the discounts on clothes and shoes - they are always real with us!

Throughout the year, you can find countless out-of-season offers with discounts of up to 50%. And when we talk about campaigns and promotions - whether it's Mid-Season Sale, crazy days of discounts around Black Friday, Black Weekend and Cyber Monday, whether it's a week of cuts in a selected period of the year - we have something for everyone, and if you keep track of us often enough you will have the opportunity to get up-to-date clothes or shoes at a promo price.

Loyal program with discounts

In addition to this, we offer a loyal program for our VIP and UltraVIP clients who can rely on a permanent discount throughout the year.

Sign up for our loyal program and become VIP!

Nice shopping at Fashionmix online store.

Kind regards
Dimitar Dimitrov, Manager

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