Delivery and tracking of orders

When I`ll get the shipment?
On the detailed page of each product, you can see when you will receive the shipment if you order it right now. We try (and in 99.9% of cases successed) deliver your shipment on the same day to the courier (except printed stamped T-shirts for which we need 2 business days). Delivery is short, more information you can see on the page Shipping & Payment

Can I get the delivery faster?
The fastest way is to order until 13:00 on a business day and we will send your shipment the same day. You will receive it in a short time, which you can see on the Shipping and Payment page.

Is it possible to get my order on a certain day?
When finalizing your order, you can write in an additional comment which day you want the delivery. Or you can write us or call us after finalizing order. Keep in mind that for smaller settlements couriers have certain days for delivery of consignments.

Can you tell me what is the status of my shipment?
You can check it through the tracking number of the shipment (in the email witch we sent to you) to the site of the courier. If you don`t know the tracking number of the shipment, please write to us and we`ll send it again.

Why I've not received the shipment of my address yet?
The courier may have been to your address and do not find you or have failed to reach you by phone. There is no room for panic. By way of the tracking number of the shipment you can check the courier's site where your shipment is located and contact the courier.

How much does it cost the delivery?
Read in detail about the delivery prices on the page Shipping & Payment

Do you shipping to the country I live?
Yes, we deliver worldwide. There can always be an exception, so if you have any doubt about your settlement, please write to us in advance.

From where do you send the shipment?
We send the delivery from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia city.

Can I come and pick up my shipment?
We don`t offer this option. We ship the items only by a courier. Fashionmix is an online store.


Return and replacement

If the products I ordered are not suitable for me, can I replace them or return them?
Yes, of course. Within 14 days after you have received your shipment, you need to request a return or replacement. You can find all the steps detailed on the Returns & Exchanges page.


What is the Return and Replacement procedure?
To get the quick return or replacement process, please follow all the steps detailed as described on the page Returns & Exchanges.


Why do I have to pay for the shipment of goods I want to back?
We attempt to describe in detail the qualities and dimensions of the items, as well as show them in professional pictures. It can always happen that you don't like something or you don't want it and you want to replace it or return it. Under the Terms and conditions of Fashionmix , the customer pays courier services upon return and replacement. We only accept transport if there is a fault on our part or a defect in the goods.


Did you receive the shipment I sent to you?
Contact us to give you this information. Please prepare the tracking number with which you returned the shipment. If we received it, we will immediately provide you with information when your replacemant will be sent or when we will refund your money.

Goods / Products

What is the origin of the product?
Some of the goods are manufactured in Italy, which you can find from the "Made in Italy" label on the detailed page of the product. The other part of the goods originate in China and Turkey, and we only load from quality traders we know personally.

Is it actual the descriptions and pictures of the products in site?
The photos in Fashionmix are made by our team and a professional photographer. We do not use foreign photos. You will get what you see in the picture :)

Can you customize the T-shirts which is for couples?
The T-shirts are pre-fabricated and the design can't be changed. We hope to be able soon to offer t-shirts which can be customized by the client.

Is there a warranty for the items at the store?
The shoes have a 30 days guarantee from the date of purchase.


Products dimensions

Which size of clothing will be suitable to me to order it?
Each product has a size table. If it does not help you or you hesitate again, please contact us. Must be ready to tell us what sizes you wear from other brands or to measured clothes that fit you. We will measure specifically for you all products that you like at the Fashionmix online store.

Which size of shoes will be suitable to me to order it?
On all shoes, we measure the insoles individually and write the centimeters in a detailed page size table of each specific item in the Men's Shoes and Womens Shoes category. It is best to measure the insole of your shoes that are yours and find the same size in Fashionmix.

Can you measure a specific item specifically for me?
Yes, of course. Contact us and we will do it with pleasure.

Do you have a exact sizes of clothing or shoes in the online store?
You can easily filter a category by size and watch only products of the sizes you want (you can filter more than one size).

Are the values in size tables are compatible with real sizes?
Yes, the shoes sizes table are for the specific models that we have measured by hand. About clothes we have written a generalized size based on the clothes we sell because we know perfectly their size. If a product is small or enlarged, we describe it on a detailed product page.


How do I know which sizes are available?
If you have the option to add the item to a basket, then we surely have that size.

I liked a model, but there is not my size. Is there a chance to have it?
Fashionmix shows real-time sizes available. Unfortunately, your size has been bought earlier. We advise you to like the model in another color or similar model that has your size.

Do you recharge again exhausted models and sizes?
On some hit models we are recharging within the current season. Keep track the current availability of site or join our email newsletter to get a notification when there is a new recharging.


Why aren't you answering to my call?
You may have called in the off-time of our phone support, or have had another conversation. We'll call you back as soon as our associate sees your call. If you do not receive a call again during working hours or write us.

What is your working time? When will you answer?
We have phone support on working days (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 to 18:00. We respond to emails and messenger messages as soon as possible but no later than 12:00 o'clock on the next business day.

What is your shop by nationality?
We are a Bulgarian online store with own merchandise that we send right away when order is placed. You will not wait weeks until you get your purchase.

Discounts and promotions

Can you give me a discount?
You can get a discount if you shop as a registered user and you have a turnover. See more discount information for our VIP and GOLD users.

Can you make for me the delivery free of charge?
The "Delivery and Payment" section describes the conditions for a free delivery for an order over a certain amount. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter because we often do free shipping promotions for our newsletter subscribers.

How often do you make discounts?
We make two major seasonal sales - at the end of the winter and summer season. We also offer discount actions in different campangies. To avoid missing them, we encourage you to sign up for Fashionmix's e-mail newsletter or follow our Facebook page.

How can I order?

I liked a model, how do I order it?
You can order it online through our site. You can also email us or call us during business hours and we can generate the order for you.

I can not finish the order. Why and what should I do?
Chat with us in the online store, Facebook Messenger or call us, to help you complete your order. It is possible to place the order instead of you.

Where is the store located? Do you have a physical store if I want to visit?
Fashionmix is an online store and we do not have a physical store. Everything is ordered online and delivered by courier.

Can I order by phone?
Yes. Call us in working time and we will generate the order for you.

Can I order in chat?
Yes. Write us and we will generate the order for you. After that, we'll call you on the phone to confirm the order.

Can I order in Facebook Messenger?
Yes. Write us and we will generate the order for you. After that, we'll call you on the phone to confirm the order.


Payment of orders

Can I pay with a cash on delivery?
We recommend secure online card payment. We do not offer a payment directly to the courier.

Can I pay online with a card?
Yes, you can. You need to specify this method when completing the order. Keep in mind that our VPOS terminal can require a 3D security code if your card is registered for such an extra level of security. Make sure you get your 3D code for the specific order - most often it is sent as an SMS to the phone number that owns the bank credit or debit card.

Can you issue an invoice?
Yes, of course. You need to request an invoice in a further comment when complete the order.You must keep the payment document your courier gives to you upon receipt of the shipment. Then we'll send you the invoice by e-mail.