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What is the man looking for in a pair of shoes?

When men decide to buy shoes, they do not choose easily. Shoes for the male half of humanity do not primarily mean comfort, as many people think, just because male nature is not as fine as the female. It is true that functionality, comfort, healthy and at the same time durable fabrics are all factors on which depends whether a man will stop buying a model. Above all, personal taste is decisive, but the profession of a man and his occupation are crucial in choosing a pair. You may be surprised, but in many cases men have more pairs of ladies' shoes and this is dictated by their inherent practicality. Also, fashion also affects men, although they rarely recognize it. It is common opinion that the vanity of the "hurt me, but beautiful and so tolerable" type refers to women who have a dose of reason, but let us not forget that even men can not unify - in terms of shoes and there is a vanity that is often hidden, but it is expressed in emphasizing the quality of the shoes and the price.

Purpose of male shoes

In general, they are divided into casual, sporting and special occasions or terrains. Most gentlemen will say they like their shoes to be long-lasting, but most of all sturdy from the fabric and strong from the sole, which is in full force for hunters, mountaineers and travelers. When there are for every day, there are more variants as well as other indicators that guide men by choosing shoes. They relate to how many miles they are driving a day, what season is and what terrain the owners of men's shoes are moving.

Shoes according to the season

Winter men's boots, low or high, need to warm up and last at least two winters - at least that's what the male shoppers said in a poll. In order to meet these requirements, their designs look harsh with reinforcing elements, as well as with a high-pitched sole. In the summer, however, men do not like to feel the weight of their legs, and they prefer espadrilles, moccasins, slippers and flip flops as the most comfortable and demanding delicate care. Here, the leading is the breathable fabric that protects legs from unpleasant odor due to fuzziness. As a neutral solution for three of the seasons, the sneakers, the trainers and all in all, the sports shoes. With them the possibilities for useful extras are many as well as the world famous brands.

The terrain

One of the most crucial indicators is the ground - whether the man will wear the shoes in urban or off-road conditions. Stable waterproof, reinforced plaster material is something that gentlemen often hold when practicing outdoor and humid / wet conditions. It is interesting to note that in recent years men use high boots more as a specialized type of shoe for extreme situations than for every day. This is normal considering current trends and lifestyles. Whereas in the past the boots were fashionable and it was considered honorable to be carried by the urban context, nowadays boots are more preferable and more usable.

Color and design of the shoes

Online store FASHIONMIX has a variety of colors that will surprise you. You do not need to follow the unwritten rule that you must necessarily choose a "male" color, that is, gray, black, dark blue, brown or beige, especially as regards a sports pair of male shoes. This is also the case with the design, which we do not also commit to dogmas. Not only the comfort, but also the impressive vision, as men also have individual style preferences. More and more vivid colors come in, for example, red or yellow, even colorful suggestions, contrary to established beliefs, which color is for a man and who - not quite.

All kinds of shoes that a modern man needs can be found in our online store. Each of us wants to stand out, especially when he wants to leave good impressions to others. Both the man's clothes and his shoes speak of his character, so it is not unimportant what a pair we have. You will certainly not go unnoticed if you buy from the models offered by FASHIONMIX.

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